Friday, November 11, 2016

Bless the Lord


I will bless the Lord at all times; His praise shall continually to be in my mouth.  Psalms 34:1

We sing songs about doing it. We quote it.  It sounds really good when we say it aloud.  We are being bold and unashamed in exclaiming our praise to the Lord.  I’m sure when David said this he meant it.  He was battle tested when it came to trusting God and seeing Him come through on his behalf. 
Are we as sincere of heart as David was when He said it or has it become a go to phrase for sounding spiritual that we can jump in on and agree with when it is quoted?  I think we do mean to be sincere.  I think whether by oversight or from memorization we just cruise over that small three-letter word that’s tiny in stature but big in meaning.  I’m referring to “I will bless the Lord at all times…”

Not just I will bless Him when     … I’m blessed
                                                               … I’m healthy
                                                               … I’m prosperous
                                                               … I’m happy

But also I will bless Him when    … I’m feeling overwhelmed
                                                               … I’m sick in my body
                                                               … I’m struggling financially
                                                               … I’m upset
                                                               … I’m depressed or sad

Why?  Because we know we have the victory from the assurance of God’s promises to us.  I challenge you this week to intentionally bless the Lord even in your most trying of circumstances.  How?  By how you respond to adversity.  Not only will it bless those around you but there is blessing in it for you too!  It’s a surefire way to grow spiritually and advance you toward victory and promotion within the kingdom! 

Be blessed.


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