Friday, September 16, 2016

Through the Eyes of God

As a new believer in Christ, it can be quite challenging trying to navigate this new path we find ourselves on.  Where we once relied on our own strength of mind and will, now we are taught to rely on God’s guidance as we make daily decisions for our lives. Sometimes it feels as if we are stumbling around in the dark.

Not to worry though!  All that is required is one baby step of faith at a time.  After all, we were brave enough to trust Him with our eternity so our day to day should be a walk in the park.  Right? As scary as that first step on this new path may be we don’t have to be anxious.
Why not? Because, according to Psalms 32:8, God tells us “I will instruct you in the way that you should go; I will guide you with My eye.”  Wow! That’s a powerful word!   Do we really get what’s being said here? Let me reiterate.  The God who made Heaven and Earth just said to me “…I will guide you with My eye.” 

If and when we decide to let the Lord lead us we find that there is no need even for course correcting.  He knows exactly where He is going.  He is guiding us according to what He sees, not what we see with our limited and often impaired vision.  This means the pressure is off of us completely! Hallelujah!

 On His path there is never a reason for regret, shame, or sorrow of any kind, but instead safety, prosperity, and ensured victory!  Oh, there may be an obstacle or two but He is with us and for us so our success is assured. 

Let’s remember this week as we go about our day to day, that if we let Him guide us with His eye…keeping Him first and trusting His leadership, that no matter what happens, we are safe and secure in Him.  We don’t have to trust our eyes.  His vision is a perfect 20/20!

More food for thought…

Why is it so difficult to trust God?

I think part of the reason it is so difficult is because we get that Jesus died to save mankind as a whole but somehow it is lost on us that He died for me and He died for you individually.  Our moment of accepting Christ was personal yet after this acceptance we tend to keep God at arm’s length.  How can we learn to trust anyone at arm’s length?  Trust is built through experiences over time with Him that can only come through consistent fellowship. 

Let’s keep Him close!
Draw near to God and He will draw near to you…

                                                                                                James 4:8

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